First, permit me to report to you that on August 30, 2015, your Lodge hosted the SW District Deputy’s Clinic. The Clinic is a gathering of representatives from the seven Lodges in the District at which vital information regarding Elks’ programs is provided. Presentations were made and information disseminated about the Americanism, Community Services, Hoop Shoot programs and Youth Week. Our District Deputy, Tom Coyle, spoke about upcoming events in area Lodges and emphasized the need for inter-Lodge cooperation. Elks Lodge #2332 received an award as a 2014-2015  All-American Lodge! Our Lodge delegation represented the club very well, standing tall in blue and grey, and we were recognized for the outstanding job done as the clinic’s host Lodge.

On September 20, 2015, our Lodge is scheduled for its annual Lodge Inspection. The SW District Deputy and his team will visit our Lodge to meet with the Exalted Ruler, Trustees, Secretary, Treasurer, Accountant, Auditing & Accounting Chair and representatives of the House Committee, review Lodge operations, and inspect the facility. I would like to express my appreciation to those who have worked and are working so diligently to ensure that all goes well. At the Lodge General Membership Meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2015, the District Deputy will present his findings. Please plan to attend.

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, in the Lodge Social Quarters, our Elks National Foundation Chairman, Joe Sartori will be hosting our annual fundraiser to benefit the Fraternal Order’s many charitable causes. Traditionally, this event features ENF exhibits and information, dinner, dancing, and silent auctions, and is an opportunity for the members and their guests to fellowship in the true spirit of Elkdom. This year, there is a special twist to the evening. Joe Sartori challenged me, that’s right me, your Exalted Ruler and chef extraordinaire to a spaghetti dinner cook-off. The winner to be determined by a blind taste test. I’m telling you all, you have got to be at the Lodge for this.

The Lodge is preparing to enter its “busy season.” It is the time of year when vacations end and the serious business of Elkdom begins. In addition to the events detailed previously, it is the time of year when Lodge Banquet Hall rentals increase, when preparations are made for Lodge holiday events, including Halloween, Harvest Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Traditionally, the Lodge sponsors clothing, food and toy drives to assist those in our community with their needs, participates in area literacy program book drives, provides Thanksgiving dinners at the Lodge for veterans, on-duty police, firefighters and public service employees at no cost, and hosts Christmas parties for special needs children. Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (I’m sorry, I just like using that line), Sunday Fellowship Breakfast, BINGO, Friday Super Club, Saturday Night Specials, Lodge committee meetings and projects are still regular activities.

Now is the time for all Lodge members to come to the aid of their Lodge. Volunteers are needed to ensure the goals of all our undertakings during this critical time of year are successful. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.


Donald L. Harris

Exalted Ruler