Lodge Trustees


The trustees echo many of the sentiments of the House Committee as outlined in this issue regarding the state of the Lodge.  The financial picture has been improving over the last 2 plus years and is continuing to do so with the help of a number of dedicated members, however, we have more work to do. What is important going forward is that appropriate communications occur up down and across the organization in order for the Lodge to be successful.  That includes conducting Board of Directors meetings along with the House committee for the foreseeable future to facilitate effective financial planning and oversight going into the future.

Your officers and committee members are chartered to represent all aspects of the Lodge and the interests of all members equally.  We can do a better job if you take the time to let us know of your concerns.  One way members can help to ensure that we continue with some of the events in the social quarters is to call in to reserve tables and identify the number of people in your group who plan to attend. If we are faced with low numbers of reservations as we approach the date of an event, we may have to make the unfortunate choice of cancelling. You can help to ensure that this does not happen by getting into the habit of calling in early and also calling other members to encourage them to attend.  This helps us to plan for the amount of food we will need. Your attendance is the key to helping to ensure that we continue conducting these events. Your input is also vital help to us to shape future events and entertainment which brings all members of the Lodge together.

We have undertaken the renovation of our outside parking lot lighting.  Seven light poles have been taken down to be sanded and painted and for evaluation/repair of electrical issues.  Projects like this which represent costs beyond normal operations are why we ask for additional member donations when dues notices are sent out. To some the fact that they are elective in nature means that they are not important or necessary to ask for but they are.  Our facility is 36 years old and as such is in need of renovations like this. The cost of renovating and upgrading the facility each year has grown significantly. If you are in a position to donate towards this project or others as we undertake them we would appreciate that. 

Please refer to the article on our upcoming celebration of our 50 year anniversary.  Anyone interested in joining us to help plan for, provide recommendations and execute this event is welcome to contact an officer or committee member to provide their input and their assistance.


Thank you,

Charles A. Spadone, PDDGER, PER

Lodge Trustee